Senior Project Manager

Positive vibes, positive drive.

Once you get to know Jörg, you’ll immediately discover he is literally bursting with ideas and ways to implement them! He’s an action man, and excites, motivates and inspires everyone around him to pull together and create magic. For Jörg, it’s all about teamwork and collaboration: there is power in bringing people together, and he knows it. When the heat is on, Jörg simply doesn’t stress. This comes as a natural reflex from his extensive experience in project and event management. Besides being a masterful communicator, Jörg is also a natural charmer, leaving a trail of smiles everywhere he goes. He’s also a hobby DJ, a great cook, an outstanding host, and can somehow make everyone feel comfortable around him. So, next time you see Jörg, say ‘hi’… you won’t regret it!

  • Inspirer & master communicator
  • 100% stress-resistant
  • Solution finder & converter
  • Powered by music and good food

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Do you roll like us?

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