Masks down - Personality UP!

We PINCies are an open book and we’re proud of who we are, business facades be damned. Putting on a mask—at any time of the day—is a complete waste of time! 

It’s like this. We don't have a Head of Future, a Chief of Whatever, or any other over pompous titles. That world is all make-believe. We are people—with all the good and the bad that comes with it. It’s how we’ve been and how we’ll stay. If there’s a problem, we’ll grow together and get through it. This is the sticky centre of our sweet work life. Working any other way just wouldn’t be real.

We’re not into small talk. But I guess you’ve got that impression already. So feel free to introduce yourself to our gang.

Here’s how it works IRL

While positivity is our default state of mind, we’re also realists. Every now and then, things suck. But hey—that’s life. It’s Yin and Yang. The good with the bad. What appears as contrary forces can be complementary, or interconnected. For us, even conflicts in business are opportunities to break through to even more brilliant results. And we harness this power. The best part is, you become a part of this growing process with us: which makes us all stronger.

Der PINC Workmode


Work Calmly.

“Be water, my friend,“ said Bruce Lee. We live this motto. Like water, our workflow embraces the natural course of things. Just as water adapts to whatever shape it flows into, we also flex, glide, surge, and adapt to what is important at the moment. We don’t let ourselves be distracted by every little trend, post, or tweet. Instead, we prefer to interpret life through our own lens.

Work Powerfully.

In any storm, the ocean’s surface can transform into choppy sea. But below the surface awaits the calm. We love the energy that comes from problem-solving and accept any business crisis with an arsenal of experience and level-headedness. By being water, we can uncover problems at their roots and pour our energy into creating solutions. And we always re-surface with stronger results.