No gold diggers - just partners in crime!

Ok, let’s cut to the chase. We’re pretty grounded in who we are. We value character and charisma over corny business clichés. If you’re a suit with a chunky wallet who gets distracted by shiny things, then thanks for visiting—but we’re probably not your people. On the flip-side, if you are down-to-earth, open-minded, and like to relax with a cold beer at the end of a long day, then you’re our kind of client. For us, collaboration is key. We want to work with you, not just for you.
Same goes for how we operate. Our work practices are transparent. We understand that your deadlines and budget are not just rough approximations, so you won’t be hit with hidden costs, surprise markups, and complicated cost statements. Everything is above board and on the level. Cause here’s the thing: We’re not looking for business one-night stands, or superficial client hook-ups. We’re in this for the long haul. And we’re not going anywhere.

Our Services

1. Marketing

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign conception
  • Communication across all channels

“We love people who only open their mouths when they have something of quality to say—and that goes for our marketing too. At PINC, there’s no unnecessary chest-thumping. Sure, our brand-based communication comes with rough edges. But that’s because it’s delivered by real-life people with real-life experience. This is our style: Authentic Marketing. And we are certain it’s the only way to achieve sustainable success in any business.” Karén Stenzel, Marketing.


2. Production

  • Production Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Large network of everything your production heart desires

Are you suffering from inflated film sets loaded with a fat-cat crew? Well, we’re not. Our productions run lean, and are fighting fit! Jokes aside: we keep our productions agile and affordable with a focus on efficiency. Because we believe creativity can also be achieved by modest means. Our sets are still wild, free, and wonderful—but we definitely don't need anyone making our coffee for us.


3. Project Management

  • Marketing project management in all marketing areas
  • Digital & Communications
  • Concept & Content Management

Fortunately, we love the energy that arises when solving problems and flipping the script on what’s ‘impossible’. For project management, the human fit is our number one priority. Even the best CV is of no use without making an honest connection. Our project managers are extremely experienced and genuine PINCies at heart, equipped with the ability to empathize with each customers individual situation. Or to put it a different way: we’re not afraid to light a fire under our own asses to get the best out of every situation.

Projekt Management

4. Events

  • Event conception
  • Event project management for the ‘all-round feel-good package’
  • Comprehensive network of event service providers

We love events! Ok, so we’ve already mentioned it. But let’s say it again. People are our thing… and what are events but a great opportunity to bring people together? For us PINCies, it is a joy and privilege to express the true character of the brands we collaborate with. Our communication skills keep us grounded in the hustle and bustle of any event, and are designed to build real connections between people. The result? Top shelf event solutions that are made to be remembered.