Creative Director

We’re offering a reward to anyone who can spot Raphy sitting still.

Why? Cause it just ain’t happening! He directs every photo and video production with a full tank of hyper-fueled energy. Whether shooting in the studio or on a mountain, he hustles hard on set and ensures that everyone—literally everyone—has fun. Right down to the last picture.

As creative director and photographer, he can visualise the perfect result in his head in astonishing detail, and bring it to life through his lens. When the shoot is done, Raphy miraculously still has energy, which he loves to spend with his family in the beautiful Allgäu. This guy is simply unstoppable.

  • The Duracell bunny gets its energy from Raphy!
  • Motivation bomb that nobody can escape
  • The camera is his loyal companion
  • The term, ‘Doesn’t work’ does not exist