Tobias Sperl
Lovable creative scatterbrain
Barbara Kögel
Barbara, Daughter of the House of Numbers, Priority Customer of the Tax Office's Hotline, Queen of Accounting, Protector of the PINC’s, and Mother of All Unicorns.
Radinka Hölzel
The Doer
Andreas Dusch
Handy Andy
Lukas Städtler
Jack of all trades
Julia Pachaly
The Brain
Andreas Keller
Mister Miyagi
Carolin Fardi-Tehrani
Caro Care Bear
Malte Westhues
The Excel-bitionist
Matthew Walters
English Gentleman
Karlotta Harsch
Karlo Energy – Zero Bullshit, 100% Results
Raphael Weber
Mister High Voltage
Simon Heckel
Mister Nice Guy
Jörg Dombrowski
Mister Easy
Robina Hutchings
Gentle Strength
Sina Schneider-Wittmann
The people-person
Nicole Palm
The Visionary
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