Head of Operations

It’s like this: No Malte = Chaos. Malte = No chaos.

Without Malte, anarchy would break out at PINC. Get this… if he gets bored in the evening, he simply passes the time by building a multifunctional Excel table (um… a what?!). It’s his amazing understanding of a multitude of digital tools that makes our Malte—and us—shine… especially when they make our lives easier.

Malte has created processes that work so efficiently at keeping track of things that PINC has been running smoothly since he joined the team. Additionally, this analytical perfectionist also boasts a lovable and funny nature, making him a ‘half-nerd’ who is as comfortable with Excel as he is with the creatives among us.


  • Excel-bitionist
  • Lovable nerd with a gold medal in irony
  • Structured, strategic, and focused
  • Player and fan of American Football
  • Likes T-shirts with short and sweet sayings