Senior Graphic Designer

Meet the most lovable creative scatterbrain in the world!

Tobi is not a morning person. In fact, he is a grumpy cat til well after midday. But then he re-enters the world, and the magic begins. Once he hits his stride, Tobi tames the wildest designs, comes up with the funniest ideas, always delivers exactly to the brief, and works only at his standard: perfection. Which is what makes him extremely popular with our project managers and, of course, our customers.

Tobi is genuinely interested in people, especially when they are a little less conventional than everyone else. You just have to love this old soul wrapped up in a young face.

  • Best designs after 1 p.m., but preferably when everyone else is already asleep
  • Tolerant, except when it comes to intolerance
  • Restrained & absolutely loyal
  • Openly shares all topics that he’s passionate about