Head of Project Management for Events & Commissioner

Sina loves people. And people love Sina.

She is a magical combination of warm-hearted charisma paired with a cool head under pressure. Her appreciative and positive manner is the glue that holds the PINC team together. To our astonishment, when a project is raging like a wildfire and the rest of us are freaking out, she always manages to stay super-Zen and find inner calm. It’s all about balance, and Sina is the Yin to our collective Yang. To our surprise, Sina loves talking and isn’t bothered by the phone constantly ringing. So, while we’re all bashing our phones against our heads, Sina keeps her cool and rolls with the calls. Well, that is until she spots some incorrect grammar, or a typo; then there’s BIG trouble! Its tru, Sina is totaly strictt wen it comess tu spellingg.

  • Human-love for human beings
  • Threads in hand, holding the PINCies together
  • Strictt, wen it comess tu spellingg
  • Full-time operator, always on the phone
  • Fuller-time networker—it's all about the people!