Head of Backoffice

Straight forward, in a warm way!

Our Radinka keeps her finger on the pulse of our business and always knows what’s happening, where, how and with whom.
In addition to running our back office and administration, she handles all issues that a company brings with it—and thus holds the foundation of PINC securely in her hands.
Ask Radinka what a ‘work mask’ is, and she’ll have no clue. Why? Because she’s a straight shooter. Her directness means she’ll always say what others don't dare to. And this honesty pays dividends for us.
Radinka always has an open ear and heart for every PINCie and comes with the added benefit of being an awesome cook—taking care of the PINCies' blood sugar level.

  • Holds the PINC threads together
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Passionate entrepreneur