Account Manager

Who get's the work done? Luuuk, Luk, Lukas!

Lukas loves his work. He works a lot, works consistently, and works damn well. For someone of his age, Lukas is less ‘young and wild’ and more ‘young and already experienced.’ He holds the thread of a project securely in his hands and weaves it in a way that blows our expectations out of the water! And there’s no guessing why. Lukas’ experience running projects with his own creative agency effortlessly translates into an extraordinarily strong understanding of what our PINC customers need. It’s a pleasure to watch him work.

Lukas is one of our most lovable team members. Please report to us immediately if you know someone who doesn’t like him. But we know this won’t happen.

  • First-class organiser
  • Conscientious and 100% reliable
  • Incredibly helpful
  • More understated than overstated
  • Still on his to-do list: Vacation

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