Senior Brand Strategist

The Mighty Marketing Aunt

When Karén hears marketing blah blah talk, she immediately sees red: and for good reason, too. She has zero tolerance for bullshit. Karén’s heart beats for 100% honest, authentic marketing, and nothing else. And, if it has rough edges, her heart beats even faster still. This says a lot about her personality, too. Karén’s dry sense of humor is, let's say, “special.” For some, it's wickedly funny—while for others, her jokes send people into shock.

In addition to being a mighty marketing crusader, she also lives the life of a dog mum, and sweet Floki is well received by the entire PINC team—customers included.

  • Positive and Crazy… or positively crazy!
  • Authentic marketing comes first
  • Dog mum of the adorable Flóki
  • It’s only funny when Karén laughs about it

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