Babs loves numbers. And we love Babs for that!

She rules over her realm with masterful ease and leads her loyal subjects at the wave of her hand. Watching Babs work is like executing a skillful battle strategy. Customer acquisition? Not needed for Babs. Her inexplicable love of numbers makes her Queen of Accounting, and irreplaceable for our customers.

She is a rare ‘free-spirited accountant’, carving out the necessary space for creative solutions. Without this little bundle of energy at PINC, something would definitely be missing. Babs’ charm, wit and the way she cheekily loves to tease and joke guarantees meetings with tears of laughter—and always the best possible results. She is a bloody hard worker: but one of the rare ones that are super relaxed to work with. Lucky us.

  • Bundle of energy who is always teasing and joking
  • Ambassador of the colour pink
  • Number tamer
  • A laugh with Babs a day keeps the doctor away