Andi is a lederhosen-wearing human leader in the tradition of the legendary Mister Miyagi

Like Mister Miyagi, Andi unearths opportunities where others have long since given up. He intuitively knows where the right moment is and openly shares his knowledge to create unique development spaces for people and teams. And this is the difference. While other leaders are preaching business values, Andi is hustling hard and living them.

It’s almost impossible to describe how Andi celebrates. This, you need to experience first-hand. He goes from results-hero to party-hero in a split second: transforming into an air guitar legend disguised as a Schuhplattler Elvis.

  • Emotional Leader
  • ‘Black-belt’ networking pro
  • Coach & Trainer
  • Martial arts enthusiast
  • Oktoberfest addict, air guitar hero & Schuhplattler Elvis